A stunning and remarkably powerful camera app

VoiceSnap is an amazing iOS app that will allow you to take photos using your voice.

Voice Control.

When VoiceSnap is open it will always be listening and waiting for a voice command. Simply say the command 'Take a Picture' and it will snap the photo. It's incredibly simple and powerful.

The Camera Reinvented.

Some problems that have existed since the time cameras were invented are not being able to take a photo with a group of people and be included in the photo and the more recent problem of not being able to take a good photo of yourself without having to ask someone to take it for you. VoiceSnap solves both of these problems by allowing you to simply set your device down and tell it to take the photo.

Remote Snap & Bluetooth.

VoiceSnap also has a feature called 'Remote Snap' that allows you to remotely control your camera using another iOS device. You can send voice commands from another iOS device or just simply tap the shutter button. You can fully control your camera remotely. You can also see photo previews directly on the remote device.

VoiceSnap also uses Bluetooth. If you have a non-iOS Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth headset, you can pair it to your iOS device and control your camera from a distance using your voice or the volume buttons.

Take amazing group photos.


These are the amazing perks of VoiceSnap.

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